Set List

Smallvox plays original music. Our music combines influences from rock, blues, folk, pop, and jazz. We play a variety of instruments, including: keyboards, drums, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, and harmonica. Our band includes talented female and male vocalists, and utilizes three-part vocal harmonies.

Set List for Three-Hour Show of  Original Music

Set 1 

  1. All About You (folk rock)
  2. Angel (folk rock)
  3. City of Gold (guitar ballad)
  4. The Way She Looks (rock)
  5. Give Me a Second (blues rock)
  6. If I Can’t Have You (country rock)
  7. It’s Just a Love Song (blues rock)
  8. Laurel (folk rock)
  9. Somehow (blues rock)
  10. Prisoner of Love (jazz rock)

Set 2

  1. Calm Down (piano ballad)
  2. Love Me (rock)
  3. I Miss My Baby (blues rock)
  4. Raven (guitar ballad)
  5. Sabrina Anyway (folk rock)
  6. She’s Too Good for Me (blues rock)
  7. She Likes Me (pop)
  8. Tom’s Theme (guitar ballad)
  9. Waking Up with You (1950’s rock)
  10. You Are My Everywhere (piano ballad)

Set 3

  1. Boomerang Girl (rock)
  2. The World is Too Small (folk rock)
  3. Walk in the Rain (blues rock)
  4. Promises (guitar ballad)
  5. Losing Your Mind (folk rock)
  6. Nowhere (rock)
  7. Secretly Not in Love with You (folk rock)
  8. House of Honor (blues)
  9. Everybody Sing About Love (folk rock)
  10. What Do You Like? (rock)