Smallvox comes in three flavors:

  1. The four-piece live band (pictured on the homepage)
  2. The two-piece live acoustic duo (Uma  & Greg – the top two images on the homepage)
  3. The four-piece recording band (see image below)

Smallvox studio band: Greg, Troy, Uma, and Harry

Below is additional information about members of the live band.

Uma – Keyboards and Vocals
Uma has been performing on stage since she was a child. She performed six productions in her last two years of college, and upon moving to Tucson, AZ in 2001, found two theater companies to work with. She’s been artistic director of several productions in Tucson and shared the stage with some well-known local talent. She currently teaches theater to young people, focusing on character development. Uma’s heart lies in writing and performing her own music. She played for six years in the band Episodes, and for four years she sang and played keyboards for Sock!fight. She currently plays in the band Miller’s Planet.

Daniel – Bass and Vocals
Daniel joined Smallvox in 2018. Before that, he was part of the Bards of the Koad in Seattle from 2007 to 2011. Daniel started out as the bassist for The Carcinogens (1992 – 2006) in the Boston area, where he sang lead vocal for his own songs; among these, “Cows Don’t Fly” was a local favorite and “Kill My Boss” was considered to be a ballad about fulfilling the American Dream. Daniel is comfortable playing funk to folk, and jazz to rock. He tends to keep his bass solos short, out of respect for common decency.

Greg – Guitar, Keyboards, and Vocals
Greg is the founding member of Smallvox. He grew up in Tucson, Arizona. He has written material for and performed in more than a dozen bands, including: Thieves of Reason, Underville, Dave the Band, and Eight Day Clock. His musical influences include jazz, folk, country, blues, rock, and pop. His songs combine catchy melodic hooks with thought-provoking lyrics.

Scott – Drums
Scott is originally from Southern California. He began playing drums in elementary school. In high school, he also started playing other percussion instruments, including: the marimbas and the congas. He was fortunate to study with nationally known players, like John Terry Tirabasso. During that time, he started playing in small jazz and Latin combo groups. At Nova Studio in Pasadena, he played with Gary Foster, Putter Smith, and Dave Knoonse. He eventually moved to Tucson, and in 2015 joined a Klezmer band. He joined Smallvox in March of 2018.

Below is information about the two additional members of the studio band.

Troy – Bass and Vocals
Troy is a founding member of Smallvox. He plays in several bands around town and is a sought-after bassist, due to his great playing and singing abilities. He currently plays in the band Miller’s Planet.

Harry – Percussion and Vocals
Harry plays in several country bands in and around Tucson and has been recording and performing with Smallvox for several years. He also plays a variety of percussion instruments live and on recordings.